Legislative Preview

(Originally Posted August 27) With the waning days of summer already upon us, we hope that our readers are having a well deserved final week of August. 

The fall legislative session will be a busy one as its one of the last few uninterrupted work periods before the 2020 election cycle gets fully under way. However, if history is any indication, the work will be frenetic but the jury is still out on whether significant breakthroughs will emerge. Guns are likely to top the agenda after two horrific mass shootings and a number of foiled attacks. Universal background checks is the goal; more aggressive policy proposals are unlikely to pass.

On the economic front, a myriad of legislative possibilities exist as the White House appears to fear a real or imagined economic slowdown. We’re following tax extender legislation and USMCA as the major deliverables. Pro-USMCA groups have been pushing hard in key congressional districts during August recess to build support. Progress between House Democrats and USTR on key issues are also a good sign.