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Biennial Miscellaneous Tariff Reduction Process Begins October 11

Are you a specialty manufacturer suffering from tariffs on products that are so unique that no domestic American source can be found?  If so, you may qualify for relief under the American Manufacturing Competitiveness Act.  

Signed into law in 2016, the Act allows American companies to petition the U.S. Government for duty suspensions and reductions on a biennial basis.  The last round occurred in 2016-2017 so don’t miss your chance.  

Beginning October 11, 2019, petitioners have 60-days to file a written submission to the U.S. International Trade Commission seeking tariff relief under the American Manufacturing Competitiveness Act.  The Commission, with input from other federal agencies, reviews each petition and submits preliminary and final reports to Congress. A miscellaneous tariff bill is then produced incorporating some, part, or all of the Commission’s final report. 

Key points of consideration under the American Manufacturing Competitiveness Act:

  • Whether there is domestic production of an article that is identical to, like, or directly competitive with the article that is the subject of a petition and whether a domestic producer of the article objects to the duty suspension or reduction; 
  • Whether the duty suspension or reduction is available to any person that imports the article; 
  • Whether the duty suspension or reduction can likely be administered by U.S. Customs and Border Protection; and
  • Whether the estimated loss in revenue to the United States from the duty suspension or reduction does not exceed $500,000 in a calendar year during which it would be in effect.

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