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Artemis ESG specializes in guiding clients in food and agriculture, biotech/pharmaceutical, and transport industries through complex regulatory (FDA, HHS), public policy (Capitol Hill), and international trade actions. We practice a comprehensive approach to public affairs that focuses on highlighting positive environmental, social, and corporate (ESG) governance to shape stakeholder opinion.

Government affairs has evolved significantly in recent years. Today, policymakers want to hear not only from primary stakeholders but also from the community. That’s why it’s more important than ever to manage issues in a multifaceted manner incorporating digital and social media, ESG storytelling, grassroots, and direct lobbying.

Breaking Through the Noise
Did you know that one committee in Congress oversees 90 percent of the U.S. economy? Breaking through the noise is critical to communicating with lawmakers. Let us help you tell your story.
Public Affairs Through Environment, Social, and Corporate Governance 
Every organization has a good story to tell. Let’s use storytelling techniques to share it with government stakeholders so that they better understand your issues.